Our Retail Store Location

Will be open on:
Sunday 22nd of December, for your masa needs!

Holiday Hours:
Saturday 21st: 7am-6pm | Sunday 22nd: 7am-6pm | Monday 23rd: 7am-7pm | Tuesday 24th: 7am-4pm
Sunday 29th: CLOSED | Monday 30th: 7am-7pm | Tuesday 31st: 7am-5pm

Our vision is to continue to provide quality products in the Bay Area.

One Tradition, Two Generations

At La Finca Tortilleria, we are proud to sustain a long lasting tradition on the art of making tortillas.
Distinctive aroma and the nostalgic homemade taste characterize our products. The homemade taste is attained by utilizing 100% natural ingredients and real corn instead of corn flour, which is the only way to achieve irresistible taste and freshness. Our organization is family owned and oriented. All of Mrs. Rocha’s children are involved in running the business and majority of the employees have been with the company for more than five years.

Our Product Family

Tortillas, corn chips, masa for tamales and tortillas, tostadas and taquitos are staples in the Latin kitchen. We strive to produce quality products that are synonymous with Latin cooking in the Bay Area.


La Finca Tortilleria, Inc. has Corn Chips that are officially Non-GMO Project Verified. This has been a major achivement.


Fresh and 100% natural, our products are paramount in creating authentic dishes. Enjoy recipes which are provided by Mrs. Rocha and local restaurants in the Bay Area. Buen provecho!


Factory Location: 909 King Street Oakland, CA 94606

SINCE 1983