By: Hafid


Savor the rich, comforting flavors of crispy tortillas smothered in zesty salsa and topped with creamy cheese and fresh garnishes. Delightful!

For the Chilaquiles:

Corn Chips Non-GMO La Finaca

2 cups of red or green salsa (homemade or store-bought)

1 cup of shredded chicken or cooked and diced meat (optional)

1/2 cup of crumbled queso fresco or shredded cheese (such as Monterey Jack or cheddar)

1/4 cup of finely chopped onion

1/4 cup of chopped fresh cilantro

Vegetable oil for frying

Salt to taste

For Garnish (optional)

Sour cream

Sliced avocado

Sliced radishes

Sliced jalapeños

Fried or poached eggs (optional)

In a large frying pan, heat about 1/4 inch of vegetable oil over medium-high heat, add the salsa over medium heat until it begins to simmer. If you’re using cooked meat, you can add it to the salsa to heat it through.

Place the crispy fried tortillas in a large serving dish.

Pour the simmering salsa (with or without meat) over the fried tortillas, making sure they are well coated.

Sprinkle the crumbled queso fresco or shredded cheese over the top of the sauced tortillas.

Garnish with finely chopped onion and fresh cilantro.

Serve the chilaquiles immediately while they are hot and crispy.

Optionally, you can add garnishes like sour cream, sliced avocado, sliced radishes, sliced jalapeños, or fried or poached eggs on top.

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