We craft our products with 100% natural ingredients, utilizing traditional methods like grinding corn with lava stones and nixtamalization, resulting in exceptional taste and texture.

Yes, many of our products are non-GMO, reflecting our commitment to providing healthier and sustainable options.

Cooking corn from scratch is essential to achieve authentic taste and freshness in our products.

Our dedication to preserving tradition, using real ingredients, and skilled craftsmanship distinguish us, resulting in unparalleled flavor.

Yes, La Finca Tortillas is a family-owned and operated business, with Mrs. Rocha's children actively involved.

Tradition ensures the authentic taste and quality of our products, maintaining the essence of Mexican cuisine.

La Finca Tortillas was established in 1983 and will be celebrating its 41st year in business next year.

We offer a range of products, including tortillas, corn chips, masa for tamales and tortillas, tostadas, and taquitos.

La Finca products are available in various stores and markets throughout the Bay Area. We also offer B2B deliveries. Visit our website or contact us for specific locations and information on B2B deliveries near you.

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